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Hint & Tips

Wedding invitation

Your wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will get of your wedding and putting some thought into its design will ensure you make a statement. Try to match your wedding invitation to your chosen theme to ensure it introduces the mood of your wedding. A formal evening wedding might warrant a classic engraved invitation, whereas a casual and colourful style would suit a beach wedding.

There is a growing trend for bold coloured wedding invitations, to match the general increase in strong wedding colour schemes. Hot pinks, aqua blues and canary yellow are all popular wedding invitation colours. For a spring wedding, pastel coloured invitations can be very effective, and are often designed to co-ordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses or wedding flowers. Bold and simple patterns such as polka dots are currently very fashionable.

In contrast to the growing trend for bold colours, the classic white or ivory wedding invitation is making a comeback. Keeping your wedding invitation simple, with a plain background to coordinate with the brides dress, and a single motif, is currently a popular choice for many couples looking for a more traditional wedding theme.

There are several ways to make your wedding invitation stand out from the rest. You could choose a shaped invitation to suit your wedding theme, or you could have a textured invitation using pressed flowers or invitation paper type. Scenting your wedding invitation is a modern way to ensure it makes the right impression on your guests.

When to send your wedding invitation

Your wedding invitation timeline will vary a little depending on when you are getting married. If your big day is going to be during peak wedding season, or you are getting married abroad, you might want to get your wedding invitations out earlier to be sure your guests can attend.

Most couples can leave ordering their wedding stationery until four to five months before the wedding, although if you are ordering save the date cards you might want to do this a little earlier. You will want to decide on the wording of the wedding invitation a month or so before you place your order so you can check that both sets of parents are happy with it.

Sending out your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before the big day should give your guests plenty of time to reply. If you are sending separate day and evening wedding invitations, you could wait a week to send the evening ones. This will give you the chance to invite evening guests to the full day if some of the day guests can’t make it. It’s fine to call and chase up outstanding wedding invitation replies three weeks before the wedding so you can finalise numbers.

Wording your wedding invitation

If you are sticking to tradition the way you word your wedding invitation will depend on who is hosting the wedding. If the bride’s parents are playing host, the wedding invitation should read something like:

“Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walter request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Melanie to Mr. Steven Smith at Rydings Golf Club, Melbourne on 24th April at 2.00pm.”

With many couples leaving getting married until later, and footing the bill for the big day themselves, it is becoming more usual to address the wedding invitation from the couple. In this case the wedding invitation will be worded along the lines of:

“Steven Smith and Melanie Walter request the pleasure of your company at their marriage …”

Including a gift list in your wedding invitation

Traditionally guests contact the mother of the bride to ask about a wedding gift list, and word of mouth is still a good way for guests to find out where you have registered. However, if you want to include details of your gift list with your wedding invitation, that is becoming widely acceptable.

Probably the most appropriate way to do this is to enclose a small card with the details of your gift list. The store or company that you register with should be able to provide these cards for you. Printing details of your gift list on the wedding invitation itself can be a little tacky and is best avoided. Don’t forget that bringing a gift is entirely optional, and your guests shouldn’t feel obliged to buy from your list.

Making sure your guests RSVP to your wedding invitation

Most guests should be aware that it is courteous to send a reply to your wedding invitation, even if they have told you informally that they will be there. There are a few steps you can take to make it easier for your guests to reply to your wedding invitation, which will save you chasing replies in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

  • Print the RSVP address clearly on the wedding invitation
  • Provide an RSVP e-mail address as many people now prefer this method
  • Enclose a pre-printed RSVP card and a stamped envelope with the wedding invitation
  • Clearly state a date by which you want your guest to reply to the wedding invitation

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